Delivering arthritis and autoimmune disease care

In Indiana, Ascension St. Vincent specialty care doctors in rheumatology provide non-surgical therapies for arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

Rheumatology care for arthritis

Healthy aging is sometimes halted by joint pain caused by arthitis and other inflammatory conditions. Ascension Medical Group rheumatologists, internal medicine, orthopedics and primary care doctors specialize in the diagnosis and care of chronic arthritis and inflammation.


Nearly 50 percent of Americans age 65 or older live with arthritis, a sort of catch-all term used to describe more than 100 conditions in which inflammation causes pain and stiffness in your joints. Arthritis is more common in women, and it is the most prominent cause of disability in American adults.

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Osteoarthritis (OA) due to wear and tear of the cartilage in your joints may cause:

  • Stiffness of the joint
  • Swelling of the joint
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Redness or warmth around the joint

You may notice your arthritis symptoms are worse in the mornings, as the effects of OA usually worsen with rest and improve with activity.

Treating your arthritis

Our doctors and care team work together so you get a care plan that is right for you. We focus on helping you stay active and giving you tools to help prevent further joint damage.  Physical activity helps keep the muscles around your joints strong.

If the arthritis is so severe that joint replacement surgery is recommended, Ascension St. Vincent provides orthopedic joint care. Our Ascension St. Vincent Rehabiliation services include physical therapy to support you before surgery and help your recovery and return to greater functional movement.