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Ascension's expert allergists are here to help you choose personalized solutions to comfortably manage your allergy symptoms.

About Allergies

All allergic reactions, from hay fever to asthma attacks, begin when your body identifies harmless substances, like pollen, as dangers. Allergic reactions are your immune system's response to these allergens. And because every body's reaction is different, our integrated team of board-certified professionals is ready to tailor your diagnosis and treatment to you.

Beginning with skin or blood testing, Ascension's expert allergists can identify a range of food, drug and environmental allergies. Once we've identified the cause of your allergy symptoms, we'll work with you to help you understand your allergy and manage it.

Finding the right treatment is the best method for living with allergies. From providing strategies to avoid allergens to selecting a course of medication or immunotherapy, we can reduce or eliminate troublesome allergy symptoms. Our goal is to help you return to a normal, comfortable lifestyle.


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