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Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus Birthing Center

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About Us

Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus Birthing Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, delivers personalized care before, during and after your pregnancy.


Care for mom and baby during pregnancy and beyond

As a woman and an expecting mom, you want the right care for the whole you and your new baby. When you choose Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus Birthing Center, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, you’ll find experienced OB-GYNs, certified nurse midwives and an entire team dedicated to your care. Whether you’re an experienced mom or having your first, you know your body best. And your preferences for your birthing experience and questions are important. Every appointment with your doctor starts with a conversation. You’ll be supported by a team providing the care you and your baby need throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and follow-up care. And, if you need more care, you’ll be connected to our highly experienced maternal-fetal medicine specialists.  

Having your baby at Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus Birthing Center also means you are connected to a network of experienced pediatricians as well as pediatric specialists and pediatric emergency care when you and your family need it most.  

Personalized care and options during your pregnancy 

Your experienced care team is ready to support you from pre-pregnancy planning to during your pregnancy and beyond. No question is too big and no concern is too small. Your care team may include OB-GYNs, certified nurse midwives, neonatal nurses and other specialists. We understand that every pregnancy is different and are here to support you with:

  • 24/7 OB emergency care  
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Childbirth classes
  • Labor, delivery and postpartum care
  • Maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) and neonatal specialty care
  • Midwifery services
  • Neonatal intensive care (NICU)

If you or your baby need more care, you’ll be connected to the right specialists, close to home.

Choose care from OB-GYNs and certified nurse midwives

Choosing an OB-GYN or certified nurse midwife is a personal decision. And if you prefer midwifery, your midwife will be with you throughout your pregnancy. Our certified nurse midwives also work closely with your primary care doctor. If you and your baby need more care, OB-GYNs and other specialists are onsite at our hospitals and birthing centers. Our OB-GYN and midwifery services include:

  • Annual well-woman exams 
  • Care during labor and delivery 
  • Emotional and mental health support 
  • Postpartum care
  • Prenatal care and classes on pregnancy, birthing and breastfeeding

Maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) care for high-risk pregnancy

Sometimes the unexpected happens and your pregnancy becomes high risk. Your OB-GYN may refer you to perinatal care and an MFM specialist at Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus Birthing Center. During your pregnancy, you’ll be surrounded by a highly skilled multispecialty care team. With early and regular prenatal care and monitoring, you’ll have ongoing guidance and support. Your MFM specialist listens to understand you and your preferences and concerns and collaborates with you and your OB-GYN as a team. We connect the dots for moms who have received a high-risk pregnancy diagnosis and deliver support at every step. MFM specialists can deliver advanced diagnostic tests and care during your pregnancy that includes:

  • Carrying multiples
  • Co-management of gestational diabetes
  • Coordinating care for babies with congenital abnormalities 
  • High blood pressure
  • Neonatal intensive care (NICU)
  • Preventing or managing preeclampsia
  • Transabdominal cerclage (TAC) procedure used to help prevent miscarriage
  • General high-risk pregnancy care

Find women’s healthcare that’s built around your life

Choosing Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy Campus Birthing Center for your maternity care means you are also connected with a national integrated network of doctors and specialists who have expertise in women’s health and pediatric care, including advanced specialty care that you and your family can rely on for a lifetime.

Water birth for labor and delivery 

A water birth can help make you and your baby more comfortable during labor. When assisted by a certified nurse midwife who’s trained in this technique, water birth can be a safe and relaxing option. Delivery in water may reduce the need for pain medication, and make it easier for you to change positions during labor. Water birth also decreases adrenaline production, which may lead to a shorter labor. Babies will also have a smoother transition into an air environment. Women who are having their first child (with no apparent risk factors), or who have had a previous low-risk pregnancy, may be good candidates for a water birth. 

Hypnobirthing classes 

Hypnobirthing helps to promote a natural and less-stressful birthing experience. At Ascension NE Wisconsin - Mercy, we offer classes that train you to relax quickly and effectively during labor. Hypnobirthing can also help the body to manage pain and reduce anxiety. Relaxation techniques include controlled breathing, meditation, visualization and more. This class is beneficial for both mom and baby, for during and after delivery.