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Ascension Seton Heart Specialty Care and Transplant Center

Ascension Seton Heart Specialty Care and Transplant Center

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About Us

Ascension Seton Heart Specialty Care and Transplant Center in Austin, TX, delivers care for clogged arteries, AFib, heart failure and more.

In Central, Texas, we have a network of cardiologists and heart surgeons specializing in all stages of congestive heart failure, including heart transplant surgery and ventricular assist devices (VAD).

Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin has a Joint Commission certification for a Destination Therapy Ventricular Assist Device Program and Heart Transplant certification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Early stage heart failure

Our care team focuses on educating you about your type of heart condition and what to expect at different points in your care plan. We help you manage medication therapies with diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. At Ascension, we encourage our patients and family members to participate in Heart Failure University.

Specialty heart care options

Congestive heart disease with or without A-fib is a complex disease managed by a multi-specialty care team with advanced technology, medication therapies, and a high level of surgical experience. For more information, schedule a cardiology consultation appointment.

Heart transplant program

In Austin, Texas, Ascension Seton's Specialty Care Care and Transplant Center provides a well coordinated, team approach to heart transplantation and long-term care and follow-up. For more than 25 years, our care team has been restoring heart function and quality of life for patients with advanced heart failure.

The transplant center coordinator helps you and your family throughout this experience and is available 24/7 to get answers to your questions. Call 512-681-0500.

Our care team works together to determine the right treatment for you:

  • Ventricular assist device (VAD)
  • Heart transplant
  • Continued medical management.

Your coordinator and cardiologist will discuss the care plan with you and your family, and help you with the next steps.

Transplant care team

Our staff works to uphold the highest standards in care using a compassionate, personalized approach.

  • Advanced heart failure specialists
  • Cardiac transplant surgeons
  • Heart failure nurses and coordinators
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Palliative care for pain and symptom management
  • Pharmacists specializing in heart failure medication management and education
  • Social services
  • Financial consultation

Heart failure patient manual

Clinical trial research and staff

In Central Texas, Ascension Seton Heart Institute Clinical Research group is a team of experienced and dedicated clinical trial specialists. Since 2010, our scientific researchers and cardioVein Care work to uphold the highest medical research standards, academic leadership and clinical trial coordination.

View a full list of clinical trials.

Active cardiovascular Clinical Trial

We are currently enrolling patients in multiple, ongoing Clinical Trial involving treatments for coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, arrhythmia, and in the field of preventative cardiovascular care.

For more information about Clinical Trial, contact our research department:

  • Virginia Remeny, RN, CNS
    Research Nurse Coordinator
    512-324-9999, ext. 18125
  • Sarah Benedict
    Research Associate
    512-826-9999, ext. 18171