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Lourdes Auxiliary

Lourdes Auxiliary is an organization dedicated to supporting Lourdes associates, patients, volunteers and our community.

The Auxiliary is a member of the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS). We have been recognized by HANYS for excellence in hospital advocacy. 

Auxiliary Board

The Auxiliary board meets at the hospital on the second Tuesday morning of each month. If you are interested in joining the board, please call 607-798-5490.

2022 Executive Board

President: Jodi Miller
Vice Presidents: Barb Palmer/Kate Newberry
Treasurer: Pam Previti
Recording Secretary: Jackie Sands


Jaclyn Boushie-Bombard
Nancy Boushie
Ellen Burns
Teri Chamberlin
Denise Consol
Carole Hagopian
Lauren Maisano
Jodi Miller
Kate Newberry
Barbara Palmer
Pam Previti
Janet Ruggiero
Jackie Sands
Barbara Simonds
Mary Ellen Whalen
Bonnie Zulick

Auxiliary Policies and Procedures

Lourdes Auxiliary policies and procedures are available upon request. Please contact Nancy LaRose at 607-748-3474 or nancyalarose@gmail.com to request copies or for more information.

Auxiliary Events & Projects

The Auxiliary has a number of ongoing service projects for Lourdes associates, patients and the greater community, as well as fundraisers to support our activities and social events for our members. Auxilians are encouraged to participate as their time and talents allow. Please call 607-798-5213 for more information.

Annual Dinner

Held each October, the Annual Dinner is a festive gathering for our membership. The newly-elected Auxiliary board is presented and Auxiliary plaque honorees are recognized.

The Annual Dinner committee determines the date, location, menu, invitations, decorations and speakers or entertainment.

Auxiliary Plaque Honoree Recognition

In 2008, the Auxiliary inaugurated a plaque (located in the hospital atrium) to recognize the extraordinary service of individual Auxilians. Nominations for addition to the plaque may come from family, friends, and the Auxiliary board. $500 is donated to the Lourdes Foundation in the name of each honoree. A nomination form is located at the back of the Auxiliary member directory. The "Plaque committee" reviews nominations and selects honorees. Honorees are recognized at the Annual Dinner in October.

The Lourdes Ball

The Lourdes Ball, held in February, is the Auxiliary's largest annual fundraiser for the hospital. Proceeds from the 2008 through 2012 Balls, totaling almost $450,000, have been applied to the Auxiliary's $1 million pledge to Lourdes' Mission 2012 construction project. Proceeds from the Lourdes Ball have also supported the Lourdes Center for Oral Health and the Bariatric Program.

The Ball committee plans the gala and solicits corporate sponsorships.

Vendor Sales

Sales by outside vendors of handbags, jewelry, books, sneakers, sheets, chocolates, etc. are sponsored by the Auxiliary and held at the hospital. Auxilians assist at the sales.

A portion of the proceeds from these sales goes to the Auxiliary, which helps fund our projects and financial commitments.

Volunteering in the Gift Shop & Café

Many Auxilians volunteer at the Auxiliary's Gift Shop or at the Café dePaul. The Auxiliary oversees the operation of both and receives the proceeds.

For more information on becoming a Lourdes volunteer, go to Lourdes' Volunteer Services page or call 607-798-5490.

"We Care" Bags for Cancer Patients

Auxiliary members assemble and deliver bags of comfort items for cancer patients undergoing initial chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

WHALE™Child Identification Program

WHALE™, an acronym for "We Have A Little Emergency," is a child identification program designed to help first responders care for young children who are involved in an auto accident. Contact and health information contained on a special WHALE™ sticker affixed to the child's car seat is especially useful in cases where the driver is incapacitated. WHALE™ committee members distribute sticker kits at area events. They also work with local emergency personnel to familiarize them with the program.

Community Grant

The Lourdes Auxiliary is committed to allocating funds annually to support a wide range of projects directly impacting and/or improving the health, well-being, and education within our community. The Auxiliary is awarding grants up to $5,000 per a one-year period. See our guidelines and grant application.

Financial Contributions

Over the years, the Auxiliary's monetary contributions to Lourdes for expansion, renovation, medical equipment, departmental grants and more have totaled more than $3.4 million.

In addition, the Auxiliary awards scholarships annually to junior volunteers and assists local agencies such as Mom's House, Samaritan House, Danielle House, Traci's Hope and the Children's Home of Wyoming Conference.

Join Us!

To become an Auxiliary member, please complete a Lourdes Auxiliary Membership form. Please call 607-798-5490 for more information. We'd love to hear from you!