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About Us

Our doctors at Lourdes Cancer Center in Binghamton, New York, deliver compassionate, personalized cancer care that’s right for you.

Delivering personalized cancer care

At Lourdes Cancer Center, our doctors and nurses listen to understand your health care needs and concerns and answer your questions. Then, we deliver a care plan with personalized cancer treatments and support programs. Our medical, radiation and surgical oncologists, oncology-certified nurses, palliative care specialists, genetic counselors, dietitians, and rehabilitation therapists focus on your needs. We’re dedicated to supporting you throughout your cancer treatment.

Cancer care closer to home

Our doctors and care team offer treatments for many types of adult cancer, including:

  • Medical oncology with oral and infusion chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapies
  • Rehabilitation therapies, including lymphedema therapy
  • Palliative medicine for managing pain and symptoms
  • Surgical oncology and options for breast reconstruction
  • Supportive care with Healing Arts therapy, nutrition and wellness programs

We offer hope and support while delivering advanced care options. In Binghamton, New York, we have a network of cancer specialists. Our specialty care programs feature innovative treatments, including:

  • CyberKnife System tracks tumors anywhere in the body and keeps your radiotherapy on target.
  • CAR T-Cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy for some types of non-Hodgkins lymphoma that do not respond to chemotherapy.
  • The hidden scar technique is used during breast-conserving surgery and minimizes scarring.
  • HIPEC treatments provide precision when treating the lining of the abdominal cavity for gastric or ovarian cancer.
  • Ion System with a robotic-assisted bronchoscope is minimally invasive and is used to extract a tissue biopsy from hard-to-reach areas of the lung.
  • Men have prostate cancer treatment options including brachytherapy and radioactive seed implants.
  • Mohs surgery is dermatologic microsurgery for skin cancer removal that allows the patient to keep as much healthy skin as possible while the surgeon removes cancer cells in a precise way.
  • Radioembolization (Y90) uses drug-coated, micro-beads to treat hard-to-reach liver cancer tumors in a minimally invasive way.

Cancer screenings and advanced diagnostic testing

We make getting access to screening tests more convenient with online scheduling. 3D mammograms, breast MRI for higher breast density and low-dose CT lung scans produce high-definition images to improve the detection of hard-to-find cancers. Ask your doctor what screening tests are right for you, including colonoscopy, PSA and PAP/HPV tests.

Genetic risk assessment and counseling services are available. Discuss this option with your doctor. We provide BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 screening as part of our high-risk breast clinic program.

Our cancer care nurses help you navigate the cancer journey. They offer daily access to getting answers to your questions and connect you with our many cancer care services. We’re here to help.