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Community Benefit Reports

Learn how our programs and services help improve the overall health of the communities we serve, and provide quality healthcare to all who need it.


At Ascension Crittenton Hospital we have dedicated ourselves for more than 50 years to building relationships with the communities we serve. Today, in partnership with our physicians and staff team, we have established Ascension Crittenton Hospital with a reputation of compassionate, quality care. We have worked to improve community health through various community benefit activities and are deeply committed to providing the highest quality care to all who walk through our doors.

In accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Affordable Care Act), enacted March 23, 2010,  Ascension Crittenton Hospital continues to respond to the health needs of our community; however, we now  have a deliberate approach for addressing those needs.  We welcome the requirements on tax-exempt hospitals to conduct community health needs assessments and willingly adopt implementation strategies to meet the community health needs identified through the assessments.  The opportunity to better serve our community, collaborate with our community partners, and address the specific health needs of community helps us to create a coordinated effort to improve community health.
In collaboration with our local community health partners, we are pleased to present the following community Health Needs Assessment reports and implementation strategies:
Community Health Needs Assessment 2016
Ascension Crittenton Hospital Implementation Strategy
2016 CHNA and IS Resolution
Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Update 2015
Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Update 2014
Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Update 2013
Community Health Needs Assessment 2013-2015
Community Benefit Report