Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

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Over the past 60 years, Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery has helped saved thousands of lives with our drug and alcohol treatment programs. We are proud of the recovery and success that our patients have achieved.  Here, in their own words, you can hear from patients we have helped.

Quick Quotes

“Thanks to Brighton, I’ve overcome many obstacles and can enjoy and appreciate the many gifts of life.” - Kelly

“The medical staff exceed their job descriptions – they genuinely care for and about their patients.” - Alaina

“The staff put me at a comfort level that allowed me to trust them completely.” - Linda

“After treatment at Brighton, I’m able to be the mom I wanted to be for my son.” - Kelly

“I can relate to the staff because many of them were in treatment themselves.” - Ron R.

“I was always saying 'I’m sorry' to my parents. After treatment my mom said she was proud of me.” - Jeff F.

“I learned that we’re responsible for our own recovery. That new way of thinking turned my life around.” - James D.

Video Testimonials

What better way is there to show you the changes that we make in people’s lives than to let you hear it straight from them? Please take a moment to view these personal video statements and see how you, too, can be on the path to a clean and sober life.




Since 1950, Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery has been one of the leading centers in addiction treatment, pioneering custom, individually tailored rehabilitation programs. We maintain a peaceful campus setting, with integrated facilities that are within walking distance of one another for optimal patient experience. Brighton can handle the most problematic drug and alcohol addiction issues as well as the most sensitive interventions.