Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

  • Specialty Care
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide the community with quality, cost-effective chemical dependency and associated behavioral services, and balance the need of our patients with available resources. 

Vision Statement

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is and will continue to be an innovative international provider of treatment and education for the chemically dependent and their families and friends, delivered in a compassionate, respectful manner with a commitment to seek excellence in everything we do.

Value Statement

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery believes that chemical dependency is a treatable disease and that by embracing the values of the twelve-step philosophy, we pledge to do everything within our power to help those who cannot help themselves achieve recovery.

Ethics Statement

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery expects anyone associated with this facility to uphold the highest standards of ethics and moral conduct and to maintain a safe environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and dishonesty.

Recovery Mission

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is dedicated to offering Twelve Step abstinence-based addiction treatment. Our intent is to help our patients and their family members enter into a process of change that leads to improved health and wellness, the ability to live a self-directed life and the courage to reach their full potential. Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery’s treatment program is dedicated to the values of recovery: honesty, openness and willingness; a commitment to a greater good; strength during adversity; and an attitude of “I can’t. We can.”

Recovery Philosophy

The staff of Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery believes addiction is an incurable but treatable disease of mind, body and spirit. We believe addiction treatment must address all aspects of a recovering person’s life. We believe treatment is the first step in a lifelong process of sobriety and recovery. During the recovery journey, relapse may occur; but if it does, we treat relapse as an opportunity to enhance and deepen an ongoing program of recovery. We believe addiction affects all members of an addicted person’s family and, consequently, family involvement in treatment and recovery is essential to the healing process. We believe recovery cannot be sustained in isolation but requires the ongoing support, encouragement and respect of others both in and out of the recovery community.