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Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery has established a history of distinguished service for patients with chemical addiction. Our staff has a deep, personal passion for helping those suffering from the pain of addiction. Since many of our treatment experts are also in recovery, or are adult children of alcoholics, we understand that drug and alcohol abuse is a disease. But with proper intervention and treatment, it can be managed. We are also helping to expand the understanding and knowledge of drug and alcohol treatment through regular rotations of nursing, medical, and social work students. Because of the knowledge and commitment of the staff at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, we are mending lives.

Everyone who works at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is dedicated to carrying out our mission to provide hope, health, and healing.

Administrative Biographies

Over the years, Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery has established a history of distinguished service for patients with chemical dependency disorders. Our staff has a deep, personal passion for supporting those who provide addiction treatment. We understand that the disease of addiction is manageable, and we are dedicated to carrying out Brighton’s mission to provide hope, health, and healing.  

Raymond Waller, Director 

Raymond Waller, Director at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, brings a broad administrative background in the treatment of addictions.  His experience in the field started with the evaluation of several addiction and human services programs.  Over time, he has served several treatment agencies as:  Director of Quality Control, Clinical Director, Programs Administrator, Executive Director, and Vice President of Programs.  Raymond has also served as a CARF (Council on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities) Surveyor, accrediting addiction rehabilitation programs across the country.  More recently, he served as  President/CEO of a holistic lifestyle center specializing in the treatment of addictions and chronic disease.

Raymond holds a Master’s degree in Public Health Administration (1999) and a Bachelor’s degree in Religion.  He is most proud of his family — wife, Sandia, and two children, Danny and Mimi.  In his free time, he enjoys hiking with his family, creating documentaries, and expressing his faith in God.

Barb Shoup, Chief Nursing Officer

Barb Shoup has worked at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery since 1995.  She was initially hired as a charge nurse and has taken on numerous roles over the years, including Infection Control Coordinator, Associate Health Nurse, Associate Educator, Nurse Scribe, Nurse Manager, Director of Inpatient Care and Interim Director. In her current role as Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Barb oversees all nursing services for Brighton’s 99-bed detox and residential units. Barb is also responsible for customer service.

Barb is a key member of the information services team that was charged with developing and implementing a behavioral healthcare, computerized health record system that would meet the needs of Brighton’s addiction services.

During her years in the Nursing Department, Barb was credentialed as a Certified Addiction Registered Nurse (CARN), and she was instrumental in coaching and supporting members of her nursing team to obtain CARN certification as well. Today, the majority of Brighton’s full-time nurses are addiction-certified registered nurses.

Barb has been a frequent speaker and educator on addiction related topics.  She has been a member of the Michigan Society for Infection Control and is currently a member of the International Nurses Society on Addictions. She has been CARN-certified by the Addiction Nursing Certification Board since May 2007 and is certified in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) by FEMA.

Richard Frankhart, Manager, Support Services

Richard (Rick) Frankhart has over twenty-five years of experience in human resource management, working in staff, leadership and consulting roles along the way. Rick’s experience has primarily been in the health care arena, and also includes extensive work with people in recovery. From 1999 to 2004, Rick had leadership and program development responsibilities at Michigan Health Professional Recovery Corporation (MHPRC), a non-profit organization that served as the contractor for Michigan’s Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP).

Rick has been a vocal advocate for programs and regulatory systems that support the disease concept of addiction and provide confidential alternatives that allow those afflicted the opportunity to restore their lives and careers. He has been a presenter at local, state, national and international conferences, and was selected by the National Board of Certified Occupational Therapists (NBCOT) to participate in an ad-hoc task force to develop standards of care for impaired practitioners. He has presented on various topics including compliance monitoring for professionals in recovery, human resource management, employee problem solving and performance management. Rick holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in Administration from Madonna University.

He has been active in various professional and community organizations over the entire span of his career, including Rotary International, local Chambers of Commerce, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA), the National Consortium of Chemical Dependency Nurses (NCCDN), the National Organization of Alternative Programs (NOAP) and the Alzheimer’s Association. Rick lives just south of the Brighton area with his wife of 27 years and two daughters. He enjoys golf, woodworking, and “playing the guitar just well enough to entertain myself.”

Carol Parham, Manager, Extended Care

Carol Parham is the Manager of Extended Care at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery.  In this role, Carol leads a team that provides all aspects of Aftercare and Discharge Planning to Brighton patients as they move through the Healthcare Continuum.  Carol also leads the Milieu Techs, the team that provides Peer Recovery Support to Brighton patients. 

Carol holds a Master’s Degree in Administration from Central Michigan University and an Undergraduate Degree in Communications from Wayne State University.  Carol is a big believer in the 12-Step philosophy, and she has more than 20 years of experience volunteering in different capacities in the recovery community.

Frank Sanzone, Manager, System Information

Frank Sanzone is a graduate of Control Data Institute who has been in the Healthcare Information Technology field for 31 years. For 17 of those years, Frank was the Operations Manager of a firm that provided services to most of the major healthcare systems in Metropolitan Detroit. He had also worked as a consultant before coming to Brighton in 2001.

Frank has been an active member in his church, especially its athletic program, coaching several sports and serving on the Athletic Committee. He is a born and bred “eastsider” with two children and a lovely granddaughter.

Outside of his professional interests, Frank enjoys northern Michigan, fitness training, water activities and all sports.