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Since 1950, Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery has been providing treatment to those who suffer  from drug and alcohol addiction.  Our approach to recovery is based in helping people achieve lifelong abstinence from addictive substances.  We offer a number of treatment options that include detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, intensive outpatient programs, as well as a women’s halfway house and a men’s halfway house.  Brighton develops personal treatment programs, customized for individual patients, and designed to meet the goal of lifelong recovery.

Resources for Physicians, Hospitals and Therapists

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery values our relationship with physicians and other healthcare professionals.  When you refer a patient to us for help with substance abuse, we will work to keep you apprised of your patient’s status.  Our dedicated staff of addiction experts is well informed on the many treatment options available; and we are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care to every patient.  We make every effort to have patients follow-up with their referring providers after discharge.  Follow this link for more information on professional referrals.

Resources for Friends and Family

At Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery we understand the important role that family and friends play in the recovery effort of our patients.  We understand that for every person in treatment, at least six to ten friends and loved ones are affected by the abuse of drugs or alcohol.  So we encourage friends and family to join our Friends and Family Program to assist in reaching recovery.  Click here to learn more about Friends and Family.

Resources for Employers

Dealing with issues of drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace can be very difficult and complex.  Employers and co-workers need to review their options and take the steps necessary to get appropriate help for the worker, and to minimize problems in the work environment.  Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery can draw on resources such as Employee Assistance Programs or Employee Service Support Programs to bring about productive and lasting solutions.  Follow this link to more information for employers.

Resources for Alumni

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery has helped thousands of people to experience the joy of sobriety, and we are extremely proud of them!  It is so rewarding to hear back from our alumni and to learn how treatment at Brighton changed their lives.  But recovery is not complete when treatment comes to an end.  In order to solidify the gains made through Brighton programs, we encourage every former patient to take advantage of the celebratory sobriety meetings, volunteer opportunities, and other post treatment opportunities available to them as alumni.

Resources for Volunteers

Volunteer programs at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery allow those who have been helped her to give back to families and patients who still need help with substance abuse. Volunteers generously contribute their time to make Brighton a center of hope, healing, and motivation for patients and families who are on the way to continuing recovery.  To discover opportunities to volunteer, follow this link.

The path to a clean and sober life starts with a confidential assessment and follows with treatment at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery.  To take the first step, please complete our Secure Online Admission Form