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Ascension Medical Group - St. Vincent - Infectious Disease

  • Specialty Care
Mon-Fri: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
About Us
Ascension Medical Group’s St. Vincent Infectious Disease program provides care for fungal, bacterial, and viral infections in people of all ages.

Our infectious disease care team on North Meridian St., Carmel, includes doctors with specialty training for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infections. The team works with lab specialists to detect possible bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasite infections in the body. Tell your doctor if you were in contact with someone with a contagious condition like chickenpox or shingles, mumps, measles, tuberculosis, malaria, MRSA, or HIV/AIDS.

For very high fever and difficulty breathing, call 911 and get to the closest emergency department.

We also care for non-healing abscesses, bone and joint infections, fevers of unknown origin, urinary tract infections, and infections related to cancer, HIV, and immune deficiencies.

In every Ascension Hospital, we proactively care for infections to safeguard the heart, lungs and other body functions. Following your hospital stay, we monitor and manage wound healing to help avoid possible infection.

Healing and recovery

We want your experience at Ascension St. Vincent to put you on the road to healing and recovery. Whether the need routine care or have a more complex condition, your health and well-being is our priority. We care for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.