Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent's Vein Institute

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Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:30 pm
About Us
Vascular specialists at the Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent’s Vein Institute in Jacksonville, Florida offers minimally invasive vein procedures.

Specializing in vascular health and vein care

At Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent’s Vein Institute, we deliver personalized care for varicose veins, spider veins and other vascular disorders. Our vascular doctors specialize in cosmetic and medically necessary vein care treatments. An ultrasound vein care screening test is available in our clinic. We’re here to help you look and feel better. Our doctors are board-certified cardiovascular physicians. We deliver advanced diagnostic testing and treatments for vascular conditions that affect your circulation and may cause blood clots, skin ulcers and leg pain. Our doctors and vein care team listen to understand your health concerns. Then we deliver care that’s right for you.

Tests for venous reflux and minimally invasive vein care

Having vein disease can cause discomfort in your legs – from leg cramps and swelling to throbbing, burning or itching pain. At Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent’s Vein Institute, we offer a painless, non-invasive imaging procedure while you are standing to help diagnose reflux in the veins. Our vein care specialists deliver routine and complex vein care management for many vascular conditions, including:

  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Spider veins
  • Varicose veins
  • Venous insufficiency

We perform ablation procedures and use ultrasound-guided technology to treat and seal ineffective veins. Our specialty care procedures include:

  • Chemical ablation therapy using the VenaSeal™ closure system
  • Endovenous chemical or radiofrequency ablation using medical-grade glue or heat
  • Micro-phlebectomy microincisions to remove sections of bulging veins
  • Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy injections to help close ineffective veins, so they are eventually reabsorbed in the body
  • Cosmetic sclerotherapy injections are available for spider veins