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Ascension Providence

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Donors, staff, and volunteers make the difference every day, for every life touched by Ascension Providence.  Together we support this vital ministry and continue a legacy of charity that impacts thousands of lives across the Mobile, AL region and turns no one in need away. 

Since 1854, Ascension Providence, under the spiritual leadership of the Daughters of Charity, has provided quality service and care to the citizens of the Mobile area. Our mission is to work among the sick and needy, and the Daughters are committed to administering care, support and love to their patients.

Through continued guidance, Ascension Providence has grown from a modest 60-bed facility to a 277-acre health care complex in west Mobile. Ascension Providence provides services encompassing the realm of medical knowledge such as outpatient surgery, radiation therapy, laser surgery, and diagnostic and invasive cardiology. However, to continue to offer the highest level of technology, donations from friends and supporters are needed.

Your donation provides us with the ability to deliver first-class healthcare that is safe, healthcare that works, and healthcare that leaves no one behind. Thank you for your gift which will make a world of difference in our healing ministry.