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STV BHM Back On Track Program LIVE-3/17/23

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Thank you for your interest in STV BHM Back on Track Program. This class is specialized for patients greater than 12 months post op who may be experiencing nutritional issues, plateau, weight regain or even just need specialized followup and guidance. Some of the things covered in the course include: The “Why” behind regain, Macronutrients and Nutrition, Meeting Non Hunger Needs, The Brain side of nutrition, Vitamins, Exercise for long term success, Habit Changes, Portion Control, Meal Prep

The course is facilitated by Aimee Rothe BSN, RN, CEN, TCRN, NHDP-BC, AFAA-Board Certified Fitness Instructor and Bariatric Surgery Program Director at Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham. Aimee is a post operative bariatric surgery patient herself, and views the post operative lifestyle not just as a healthcare provider who specializes in bariatrics but a patient herself.

What is the BACK ON TRACK program?

Step 1: Consult with your Surgeon -For those who have had weight loss surgery in the past, but have not had expected weight loss or complications, revisional surgery may need to be addressed in some cases. There are only certain situations in which insurance will cover revisional surgeries. While in their office your surgeon will obtain lab work and possibly other testing to determine whether your regain could be a result of hormonal or nutritional deficiencies or abnormalities in your pouch if applicable.

Step 2: Education-The initial classroom portion of the course is taught over a 3 hour time frame. It covers different topics associated with issues long term patients may be facing and involves open discussion and conversation with others who may be sharing the same issues as you. The class is done virtually. You will need both camera and microphone capabilities during the course if you choose to attend the virtual class. To attend, your camera must remain on the entire class.

Step 3: Exercise Planning-Each back on track patient will receive a personalized 4 week written exercise plan (included in class cost) after completion of a 1:1 assessment with Aimee after class. This will be tailored to each person’s abilities and current physical status and can work for both home and gym. We will also help you look at your insurance options in regards to fitness and exercise and locate appropriate fitness classes or opportunities near you.

Step 4: Registered Dietician-A referral will be sent to a registered dietician from STV to work with you on meal planning and basic nutrition needs long term. They will offer constant reassessment of one’s diet, making corrections along the way. SOME insurances do cover this, and they will run yours and see if they do. Also some people do use their flex spending cards to cover the cost. If your insurance does not cover nutritional counseling listed below is the cost per visit. We recommend you at least go for the initial 1 hour comprehensive evaluation.

Dietician counseling self pay cost if your insurance does not cover:

Initial comprehensive evaluation (1 hour)-$80.00

Additional monthly nutritional visits (1/2 hour each)-$40.00

*this is not included in the class cost and is billed separately at the discretion of the dietician*

STEP 5: Addressing the Mental Relationships With Food-We HIGHLY recommend that you consider following up with a therapeutic provider if you are experiencing disordered relationships with food. We will discuss this on a case by case basis and provide referrals as needed.

Step 6: Support-TAKE ADVANTAGE of the support options. We have both a monthly support group (in person and virtual) AND a patient centered facebook support group exclusive to “The Journey To Fit'' Bariatric Surgery program. You will be given full access to these.

Step 7: Follow Up-On completion of the course, it’s expected that the patient will continue with annual visits with the bariatric surgeon and dietician (if not more often), as well as continue healthy eating habits and exercise to ensure long term success. You will have a follow up with the surgeon 3 months after your initial appointment. You will also be expected to make 3 monthly 1:1 virtual follow ups with Aimee after course completion (these are included in course cost)

There is a $75.00 cost for the classroom portion of the Back on Track Program which is due at the time of registration. This covers the class and course material which will be mailed to you on registrtion. This cost is not covered by insurance plans but we can provide you with a receipt to submit for potential HSA reimbursement. Please note that this cost does not include any copay or follow up costs associated with your surgeon’s office copays nor does it cover the nutritionist costs or copays.

If your class required payment, a refund will be given if a cancellation request is received 2 business days (48 hours) prior to the start of the class/program. A full refund will be given for any class cancelled by the site.