Tai chi for Arthritis 32 - Continuous Practice - Fall 2021 Drop-in classes

A Community Health and Wellness Program offered by Lourdes

TCA32-CP: Tai chi for arthritis - PART 2 - Continuous practice:

Course offered for those who have been in the Tai chi for arthritis 32 continuous practice and need more practice to refine and improve their 32 forms of the Tai Chi for Arthritis Program. This is a drop-in classes and you are registering per class and not for the entire session. This class is to support your continuous practice, and limited seats per each class. The emphasis is on teaching the practice of tai chi principles through the forms, strengthening one's core, and improving one's posture, balance and stamina.

Pre-requisite Class: TCA-32CP

For any questions, you can email us to lourdestaichi@ascension.org or call the registration line and we will call you back

Payments are made online for each class. Cancellation notice for refunds of specific dates need to be received 2 days in advance for the class you will not be attending,  Email all cancellations to lourdestaichi@ascension.org or by calling 607-203-8098. All Cancellations will be refunded back to your credit card minus the $1.00 registration fee per class.