Health Education

Knowing your Family Health and Genetic Risk

presented by Luba Djurdjinovic, MS

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This presentation will consider how understanding inheritance of health conditions offers opportunities for wellness for you and your family. All families pass on health vulnerabilities, some are genetic, and some are not. A family medical genealogy can help determine the family risk factors. Advances in genetics offer new perspectives on health and tools to manage health risks. Understanding your risk can help you to ensure you talk with your provider about cancer screenings that are right for you.

Luba Djurdjinovic, MS is the Executive Director of Ferre Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides community-based genetic counseling services. She is also Director of its Genetic Counseling Program that is also known as Ferre Genetics. She is a practicing genetic counselor with clinical interests in adult genetics. Luba is one of the original trained genetic counselors in the US. She is the past president of the National Society of Genetic Counselors. Luba is an author in a leading textbook for genetic counseling students and lectures extensively.

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