Health Education

Virtual Labor Support Class-Ascension St. Vincent

Welcome to Virtual Labor Support Class sponsored by Ascension St. Vincent.

*** Please note:
This class is intended to be taken after the Childbirth Prep or Childbirth Lamaze class.
This class will focus on practicing the skills learned during attendance at one of the above classes.

Let's practice before your special day! Join us for a fun, energetic, hands on virtual class. Demonstrations will be shown in an actual labor room with an experienced labor and delivery nurse! Your labor support person will need to be present for this class. You and your support person will learn more about comfort measures available at the hospital as well as practice some hands-on techniques in the comfort of your own home; such as the labor ball, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, and comfort positions. For this class we encourage you to leave your cameras on so that our instructors can interact with you and assist in your learning. Our goal is that you will leave class feeling confident & prepared for your big day.

You will want to take this virtual class in an open space within your home that provides you the ability to practice different labor positions. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes during class. We encourage you to have the following items prepared and ready for class: an armless chair, pillows, a sheet and a birthing ball/exercise ball (if you already own one).

We recommend taking this class before your 36th week of pregnancy to allow you time to practice your new skills prior to the arrival of your little one.

Class registration is for two people. (You and your labor support person)

Once Registered, you will receive a confirmation email. You may access this class by Clicking on the Access Virtual Event button in your confirmation email. You will be able to view the class using your laptop, tablet, desktop or smart phone. If you choose to use a smart phone or tablet you will be prompted to download the Google Meets app which is a free download.

There will be opportunities through out the class to ask questions. We hope you enjoy this virtual class options!