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Childbirth Education: Birthing Center Virtual Room Tour

Visualizing the place where you will be birthing your child can be an incredibly helpful experience that gives you peace of mind.


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Welcome to the Ascension Lourdes virtual tour of our birthing center, Women's & Children's Services. This virtual room tour will walk you through the three different types of rooms we have available on our unit. Our LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery, & postpartum) unit is equipped with spacious private patient rooms, its own operating room and recovery room, a special care nursery, and lactation consultants on staff. The tour will also include some of the birthing center highlights that make it unique, and some FAQ's that are common on in-person tours.

Please note: in-person tours of the birthing center are currently not being offered due to Covid-19 restrictions. Our goal is to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns that this virtual tour does not cover, please email the childbirth educator (