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Virtual Childbirth Lamaze Series-Ascension St Vincent

Welcome to Virtual Childbirth Lamaze Classes sponsored by Ascension St Vincent Women's Hospital!

Childbirth is a normal, natural and healthy process that profoundly affects a woman and her family. In this 3 day class you will discover strategies that will help prepare you for the birth of your baby. This class offers an in-depth learning experience based on the principals of Lamaze, taught by a Childbirth Educator that prepares both mom and dad (or other support person) for the experience of labor and birth.

Topics include: · Healthy Birth Practices · Labor Support Techniques · Breathing and Relaxation Techniques · Medications.

Materials to have available for use during class: 3-4 bed pillows, a bed sheet, pencil, paper, a chair (preferably without arms for breathing activities) and wear very comfortable clothing.

***Please note that if you are taking this 3 day Lamaze series you do NOT need to take our Childbirth Preparation Class** Lamaze is a more in depth childbirth class that will cover all the topics included in our Childbirth Preparation Class and much more!

Once Registered, you will receive a confirmation email which includes an "Access Virtual Class" button which you can use to virtually join the class on the event date. You will also receive a reminder email approximately 1 week prior to your event date containing class handouts; these are beneficial to print or download prior to class. You will be able to view the class using your laptop, tablet, desktop or smart phone. If you choose to use a smart phone or tablet you will be prompted to download the Google Meets App, which is a free download. There will be opportunities throughout the class to ask questions.

It is recommended that you complete this class at least 30 days before your due date.