Health Education

VIRTUAL Breastfeeding Basics at Saint Thomas Rutherford

This VIRTUAL class will help prepare you to breastfeed your baby.

This is a VIRTUAL, self-paced class that covers positioning, milk production, pumping, coping strategies, and more! After registering, you will receive a book in the mail with the online web app registration information. There will then be a small google meet with an RN who is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. This will be a time for questions and answers from an expert. A support person is encouraged to attend, and the registration fee covers both of you.

If you need specific breastfeeding information now, please call our Lactation Office at 615-396-4167 and a Lactation Nurse will call you back. .

For additional registration information, you may email or call 615-396-5376.