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Childbirth Education: Preparing for Birth- Virtual Class

Gaining evidence-based knowledge of the labor/birth process is not only comforting, but empowers you to have your best birth experience.



This pre-recorded virtual class will prepare you for the birth of your baby by exploring the stages of labor/birth, coping and relaxation skills, and medical interventions such as induction of labor, epidurals, and cesarean birth. The class is formatted as a webinar which allows you to explore the topics of labor and birth at your own pace, and provides convenience for complex schedules.

*Please note: Any hospital regulations and policies discussed are specific to Lourdes Hospital and New York State. If you reside in or are birthing in a different state and have questions about another facility, please contact your healthcare provider.

Access to the virtual content is enabled after registration for the class, and can be found in your email. Please be sure to check all of your email folders for the virtual event link, sometimes it gets forwarded to spam or an all mail folder.