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Meet the Midwives

Meet our team, ask questions about pregnancy/birth, and learn more about the safe, supportive care we offer!


  • Free Virtual Meet The Midwives


Families interested in supportive, evidence-based care throughout pregnancy, birth and the lifespan are invited to hear what our midwife team has to offer! Our midwives will introduce themselves and share their approach to helping you have a positive experience--centered on your health, safety and goals. They will also answer your questions about pregnancy and childbirth, keeping you informed from Day 1.

Our midwives deliver in both the Alternative Birthing Center(ABC) and the Ascension Providence Hospital Southfield Birthing Center. The ABC, located in Ascension Providence Hospital Southfield, recently celebrated 42 years of assisting parents in natural birth as they welcomed their babies into the world. Each of our rooms in the ABC is equipped with a private hot tub and staffed with nurses with years of experience in labor & delivery.

ABC orientations take place, virtually, on the second Wednesday of every month at 6pm. On the months where both events are offered, they will directly flow into one another using the same meeting room. If you plan to attend both Meet The Midwives* and Orientation on the same day, please register on the ABC orientation page.

For questions about the ABC, email us at

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*Register below for Meet The Midwives. Our events are free for anyone to attend. All events and childbirth classes are open to current and prospective clients, as well as the community.