Best-selling author Dawn Barton shared heartfelt gratitude for the care her mother received during her 19 day stay at Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola

“This image captures so much - my tearful mother telling Dr. Jeremy Scherer goodbye and thank you right before we were released from the hospital.

We spent 19 days at Ascension Sacred Heart, and if I’m honest, there were a few days I didn’t think she’d be coming home again. The rollercoaster was gut wrenching, but in true Marlene fashion, she pulled through better than ever to reclaim her title as Miracle Mom. 

Dr. J, as we called him, was one of many remarkable angels that blessed our lives during our days there. I felt like God hand picked each and every person he put in our path. Not once, literally not once, did we have a bad experience with the people around us. Even down to sweet Miss Janice who cleaned mom’s room but visited with us each day with an abundance of joy and smiles. These people were caring, brilliant, hard working and so very anointed for the rolls God has placed them in.

I wish we’d never been there but as I often say, God will always give you blessings even in the midst of trials, you just have to look for them. This time, ours came in the form of the staff at Ascension Sacred Heart and we will be forever grateful.

I also have to say a very special thank you to two men - Dr. Munaf Siyamwala, and ICU nurse, Bill who I believe truly saved my mother’s life during the hardest days. Words will never be enough.

We are home, happy and working to get strong again! Watch out world…she’s back!”