In southeastern Wisconsin, Ascension offers the non-surgical, medically supervised ReNew You Weight Management Program.

Wisconsin ReNew You Weight Management

To know whether a weight loss program really works, you ask lots of questions. Here are frequently asked questions about ReNew You.

The Ascension ReNew You Weight Management team gets lots of questions and is ready with answers. These questions come from men and women living in southeastern Wisconsin who have completed all aspects of the ReNew You program.

ReNew You Weight Management Program at Ascension SE Wisconsin – Elmbrook in Brookfield, WI.Maintaining good health requires sound nutrition and healthy eating habits. Whether you have heart disease or high blood pressure, suffer from joint pain, or need to lose weight, our experienced dietitians work with you to develop realistic and achievable goals.

Does insurance cover the cost of the program?
Each insurance company’s plan varies on coverage for obesity treatment.  If you plan to bill insurance, we advise you call your insurance company ahead of time to review your coverage and your deductible for the year.  We can provide you with an insurance worksheet that includes important questions to ask your insurance company.  At our Elmbrook and Franklin clinic locations, we offer a free appointment to review your expected out-of-pocket costs. You may also make an appointment with our financial counselor. Note: Medicaid does not cover obesity treatments. For those that cannot bill insurance, we also offer an attractive self-pay package price.

I plan to have bariatric surgery, but my insurance requires six months of medically supervised weight loss prior to surgery.  Can you fulfill that requirement?
Yes, we can.  We can help facilitate a smooth transition to weight loss surgery and prepare you for the next steps.

Who will I see in the program?
Each participant’s journey is different. Our weight management care team specialists include:

  • The nurse practitioner manages all medical components of your weight loss journey.
  • The dietitian assists you with meal planning and establishing a calorie goal unique to your body.
  • The physical therapist provides training and education by identifying activities customized for your body and health.
  • The behavioral health therapist identifies mental and emotional health barriers and challenges, giving you tools to better cope and manage your total well-being.

Do you have group classes?
Yes, classes are either included in our package option or available for a small fee. They are highly recommended. Come meet others in the program. Classes encourage peer support and conversations with our specialists. Join us as we learn more about weight loss-related topics. Our statistics show that as participants attend more classes, they see greater amounts of weight loss. See classes and events >

How often do I have to “weigh in”?
We will check your weight at each visit in our clinic or at class to monitor if your changes are successful.

How long does the ReNew You Weight Management program last?
Depending on how you space out your appointments and classes, we will see you consistently for approximately 12 months.  At a bare minimum, you will see us once a month. We realize, however, that your weight loss is a lifelong journey, so ask us about options to continue with longer-term maintenance visits.

Will you tell my doctor that I’m in your program?
Yes, we communicate with your doctor when you start the program and provide consistent and secure communication throughout your ReNew You experience. Our team approach believes in open communication.

Do you offer weight loss medications?
Yes, we can prescribe anti-obesity medications.

Do I get a meal plan when joining?
We offer easy-to-use tools and technology to accurately identify the daily calorie goal best suited for your body and health as you progress through our program. Our customized approach works with you to give you nutritional goals based on your medical conditions, food intolerances or allergies, and personal goals.

Do I have to buy food when joining?
No. If you are interested in meal replacements, we can educate you on how to incorporate this safely in your lifestyle and help you choose a product that is right for you.

What’s available for me when I’m done with the program?
As a ReNew You Weight Management program alumni, you will have access to our monthly newsletter and updates, private Facebook support system, and monthly optional support groups.  You are always welcome to see us in clinic for individual appointments.  We understand that your weight loss journey is lifelong, therefore we can continue to support you through this process.

Learn More About the Ascension Renew You Weight Management Program

The primary office is located at

Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital – Elmbrook
19333 W. North Ave., Suite 304
Brookfield, WI  53045

A satellite office is located at

Ascension SE Wisconsin – Franklin Campus
9969 S. 27th St.
2nd Floor of the Medical Office Building
Franklin, WI 53132

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