cardiology patient story - Gary

Gary's Story: Just Like Clockwork

“Trust that you are getting some of the best heart care that you can possibly get any place.”
Cardiology Patient Story - Gary

Last fall, Gary was halfway through a 20-mile training sprint on his bicycle when he began to experience chest pains and nausea. His wife rushed him to an Urgent Care Urgent Care, and he was quickly transferred to Ascension Saint Clare’s Hospital, where he underwent a complex triple-stent insertion.

A retired economist with a health care background, Gary has decades of experience in the health care field, including testifying before the United States Senate health subcommittee.

“I’m not a physician or a practitioner, but I’ve worked in health care for over 40 years. And I’ve worked with lots of physicians … I know the business. And so I’m quite aware of things like the proper protocols that you go through for things like cardiac stents and treating a suspected heart attack. It was just like clockwork. From what I observed…this care is as good as any in the entire country.”