baby teeth chart

Baby Teeth Chart

Many parents wonder when their baby’s teeth will come in. Below is a list of expected time frames.

To learn when your baby’s upper and lower teeth come in and when they fall out to make room for permanent teeth, view the list below or download our Baby Teeth infographic.

Upper Teeth

  Erupt (months) Shed (years)
Central Incisor 8-12 6-7
Lateral Incisor 9-13 7-8
Canine (Cuspid) 16-22 10-12
First Molar 13-19 9-11
Second Molar 25-33 10-12

Lower Teeth

  Erupt (months) Shed (years)
Central Incisor 6-10 6-7
Lateral Incisor 10-16 7-8
Canine (Cuspid) 17-23 9-12
First Molar 14-18 9-11
Second Molar 23-31 10-12


*Note: These timeframes are estimates, and all children are different. Talk to your pediatrician if you have concerns.

Teething Tips

It is common for babies to have sore or tender gums as their teeth begin to come in. Try rubbing your baby’s gums with a clean, wet piece of gauze to make them more comfortable, or give them a clean, chilled teething ring. Do not put sugar or other foods on the gauze or teething ring, and do not use gels or creams with benzocaine for babies younger than two years old. Consult your provider if natural methods do not make your baby more comfortable.

Source: American Dental Association