Corey's Story: A Clear Goal

A man stands at the edge of the Grand Canyon after helping hikers travel 26+ miles in two days. Until recently, allergies interfered with his hiking.

Corey's allergy patient storyCorey Huck began experiencing extreme headaches, which he thought were due to a sinus infection. However, after seeing an Ascension ears, nose and throat specialist at Ascension Saint Michael’s Hospital, tests revealed that Corey had a number of allergies.

Corey consulted with doctors and, not wanting to deal with taking several medications, he decided to start a program that involved once a week injections. Corey is feeling much better since starting his treatment, and now focuses more time on his health, relaxation, and well-being.

So as Corey stands with pride at the end of yet another journey, he has more than one success story under his belt. And from where he stands today, the air has never been clearer.