Sandy's Story: Blessed with a New Baby

A woman sits at the kitchen table, ready to eat with her family. This woman’s name is Sandy, and recently her family got just a little bit bigger.
Sandy's pregnancy patient story

Sandy talks about how challenging it was spending three years trying to conceive until one day she got the news that she was pregnant. She was delighted, but also a little nervous.

After a healthy pregnancy, finally Sandy was ready to deliver. She praises her entire delivery staff at Ascension Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston, stating that with her nerves at their highest point, they kept her calm and relaxed every step of the way.

She notes a particular connection with Kelly Wojtalewicz, RN, who talked her through the process and shared Sandy’s excitement when her child was finally born. Sandy was so touched by personal treatment that as she left the hospital to go home, she had to fight back tears.

So now, as her healthy, happy family sits down to share this meal, they count their many blessings, including the one that recently joined the family.