woman painting canvas with sunlight

Courtney's Story: Portrait of a Mother

A woman stands at an easel, brush in hand, ready to create her next work of art. This woman’s name is Courtney, and recently she delivered twins.
Courtney's birthing patient story

Courtney prepared for the birth of her twins as best she could, getting books, taking vitamins and eating the right foods. Still, the experience of going through labor was scary. When Courtney delivered at Ascension Saint Clare’s, she spent six hours in labor.

Her nurse, Denise Miller, RN, was by Courtney’s side throughout her labor. They got to know each other, and Denise encouraged Courtney to talk about her love of painting, which helped put her at ease and take her mind off the labor pains. The delivery went well and Courtney has two beautiful babies. She also has a new friend in Denise.

Today as she stands at her easel looking for inspiration, she thinks back to that special day. She has found her inspiration twice-over – they’re standing in the room right next to her.