Achilles Heal and Taekwondo

A doctor listens as Kevin talks excitedly about pursuing his black belt in Taekwondo. He just had his Achilles tendon surgically repaired.

Kevin's orthopedics patient storyFor a few years, Kevin Kummer and his family have all been active in Taekwondo. His son and daughter have reached the high green and blue belt levels respectively, while Kevin has reached a high blue belt level himself. His wife has participated too, but is now mostly in a supporting role.

When Kevin tore his Achilles tendon playing basketball, he feared that he would no longer be able to participate in Taekwondo or the other activities he was accustomed to. Fortunately he found the help of Marcus Haemmerle, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Ascension Medical Group in Stevens Point, who performed surgery on Kevin’s torn Achilles tendon.

Kevin felt comfortable with Dr. Haemmerle’s upbeat approach. He says Dr. Haemmerle understood that he was an athlete and that he wanted to be pushed and motivated along the way. Dr. Haemmerle even took the time to play a little one-on-one once Kevin was back to form.

And today, as Dr. Haemmerle listens to this energetic man talk about his passion, he is taken back to the day he first saw Kevin. He is happy to see that Kevin is back on his feet – and that his feet are getting back off the ground.