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Using S.M.A.R.T Goal-setting to ReNew You

Our weight loss programs include bariatric surgery and the non-surgical, medically supervised Ascension Wisconsin ReNew You Weight Management Program.

Ascension Wisconsin ReNew You Weight Management

In the greater Milwaukee area, we have real life success weight loss stories. First, most of these men and women tried fad yo-yo diets or conventional exercise programs with little success. Being overweight puts a lot of added stress on your overall health. It’s not uncommon for our participants to have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, or other serious health concerns.

For more information, call the Ascension Wisconsin ReNew You Weight Management Program at Elmbrook (Brookfield) and Franklin, 262-785-2319.

Obesity Isn’t Just a Weight Problem – It’s a Treatable Disease

Being part of Ascension Wisconsin means our patients have access to highly experienced weight management specialists and doctors. For some, bariatric surgery is not always an option. Our Ascension Wisconsin ReNew You Weight Management Program is a non-surgical, medically supervised, approximately one-year treatment program. At a minimum, participants see us monthly and have access to our entire care team:

  • The nurse practitioner manages all medical components of your weight loss journey.
  • The dietitian assists you with meal planning and establishing a calorie goal unique to your body.
  • The physical therapist provides training and education by identifying activities customized for your body and health.
  • The behavioral health therapist identifies mental and emotional health barriers and challenges, giving you tools to better cope and manage your total well-being.

As a medically-supervised program we communicate closely with your doctors. All aspects of this program are personalized to identify your ideal weight and address habits that sabotage your weight loss goals. We can modify our program if you are transitioning to a planned bariatric surgery. We also offer on-going nutrition counseling and maintenance appointments, as needed.

To learn more, read the Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is designed for all types of participants – from those who are slightly overweight with health issues to others struggling with obesity and a BMI of 30. The benefits of our program include more than weight loss:

  • Improved self-image and emotional health
  • Tools to make better food and exercise choices
  • Supportive, compassionate team specializing in weight management
  • A step-wise approach personalized for your total health and well-being

Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying

Dawn M.
“I have specific dietary needs and Kelly worked with me and researched food alternatives and websites to help me meet my goals. The support from other participants and the psychotherapist encouraged me to think differently about my food habits, pursue a healthy lifestyle and to reach my personal goals."

George M.
“I really like the concept of the program. Measure your calorie burn at rest, estimate a lifestyle calorie burn and then add in an exercise burn amount. Consume a balanced diet at regular intervals that total less than that amount, and you have to lose weight. The presenters were all knowledgeable, engaging and interactive. It made the meetings something to look forward to. I attribute success in the program to having the team and having a partner to go through the program.”

Jane A.
"I have been battling with my weight my whole life. While I always had success losing weight, I have never been able to maintain any weight loss, always gaining back any lost pounds and then gaining more. Under the supervision of the Ascension Wisconsin ReNew You program, I have lost weight and I feel they have given me the tools I need to keep it off.”

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Ascension Wisconsin ReNew You Weight Management


Weight loss results may vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results.

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