Online Weight Loss Seminar

Thank you for your interest in learning more and considering our weight loss surgery program.

We invite you to watch each segment of this online seminar so that you can better understand the role of bariatric surgery in successful, long-term weight loss. Weight loss is a journey….and we hope this is the first step in yours.

Life Before Surgery

Patients of Ascension Medical Group Bariatrics program explain what life was like before undergoing bariatric surgery.

Introduction to Our Bariatric Surgery Program & Meet Our Team

Lisa, our Bariatric Program Manager, welcomes you and introduces our full-time, dedicated bariatric team.

Weight Loss Surgery – What It Is and Why It Works

Dr. Fady Moustarah, Bariatric Surgeon, reviews the surgical options available to patients.

Obesity and What Procedure is Right for You

Dr. Vasanth Stalin, Bariatric Surgeon, describes how obesity is a disease and the other health issues related to it.

Why Ascension Medical Group Bariatrics Program?

St. Mary’s bariatric patients explain why they chose St. Mary’s when making the decision to undergo bariatric surgery.

Preparing for Surgery

Lisa, our Bariatric Program Manager, reviews ways to ensure success before bariatric surgery and addresses the “Am I Ready” checklist.

Diet and Nutrition

Megan, Registered Dietician, explains how diet and nutrition fit into the Ascension Medical Group Bariatrics Program in Saginaw.

After Surgery & Lifestyle Changes

Patients of the Ascension Medical Group Bariatrics program explain how their lifestyles have changed since undergoing bariatric surgery.

Your Next Steps to Surgery & Expectations

Lisa, Bariatric Program Manager, walks you through the bariatric surgery process. She explains what the program expects of you as the patient following bariatric surgery.

A New Life – Are YOU Ready to Reclaim Your Health

Bariatric surgery patients explain how their lives have changed for the better after bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Online Seminar Completion Form

Our program requires that all videos are viewed and a bariatric online seminar completion form is submitted. Once you have watched all videos in full please fill out the completion form and submit. Once we have received your completion form, we will reach out to you and help you take the next steps in your journey to a healthier you!

Weight loss results may vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results.