Senior Care

Connecting with Seniors in Northwest Florida

Senior Spirit at Sacred Heart is a program for adults age 55 years and older that empower seniors to develop an active role in their health.

Senior Services at Sacred Heart

Senior Spirit at Sacred Heart is a free health program designed especially for seniors age 55 and older. Our program offers health seminars, screenings, in-hospital benefits and great discounts on a variety of health goods and services from our partners.

Senior Spirit is dedicated to helping area seniors take an active role in their good health. Our goal is to make sure you get the most out of life by helping you:

  • recognized your individual healthcare needs
  • learned how to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • navigate through the challenges of aging

From being better informed to taking preventive measures to promote good health, Senior Spirit is here for you every step of the way!

Benefits of joining Senior Spirit are:

  • Free Monthly Newsletter
  • Free Healthy Living Seminars
  • Financial Matters Seminars
  • Free Health Screenings
  • Hospital Cafeteria Discounts
  • Inpatient Benefits
  • Pre-paid Lab Screening Program
  • Pharmacy Discounts
  • Educational Classes/Support Groups
  • CareLink Emergency Response System

For more information about Senior Spirit benefits, programs and events, please visit our website at

If you'd like to talk to someone about the Senior Spirit program or to join by phone, you can call the Seniors Spirit Line at 850-416-1620 

To sign up online, please click here to complete our online form. You must be 55 years old or over to join.

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