Pediatric Rehabilitation

For everything from minor injuries to chronic conditions and developmental issues, our pediatric rehabilitation teams care for children of all ages.

About Pediatric Rehabilitation

Ascension's pediatric rehabilitation specialists work alongside children and families to help young patients feel better and more confident with each treatment.

For issues such as moderate sports injuries or recovery from minor surgery, we offer short-term rehabilitation services that target problem areas quickly and safely. For conditions or disabilities that require long-term treatment, including cerebral palsy, severe autism or muscular dystrophy, we create a thoughtful, holistic rehabilitation plan for each child's unique situation. Our goal is to improve your child's overall quality of life while providing a safe, comfortable environment.

Along with physical therapy, we can provide occupational, speech and behavioral therapy on an outpatient or inpatient basis. 

For Ascension's pediatric rehabilitation teams, compassion and patience are just as important as specialized, expert care in restoring your child's health and well-being.


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