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The Ascension Saint Thomas Spine Institute offers advanced care options for neck and back pain.

Spine Surgery

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The future of back pain treatment is available for patients at Ascension Saint Thomas Spine Institute: ranging from herniated discs to complex spinal reconstruction. Our comprehensive approach to pain includes the expertise of both neurosurgical spine surgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons who are skilled in the latest treatments.

Thanks to advances in spinal surgery techniques and technology, many patients now return to their normal activities much more quickly than ever before.

Our spine specialists help you manage and treat chronic back pain and provide a full range of treatments. They help you choose the best approach for your unique situation after a thorough consultation. The Saint Thomas Spine Institute provides dedicated staff and resources to spine patients and their families while they undergo treatment.

Patients will benefit from a highly personalized experience beginning with their Pre-Operative Medicine Clinic (POMC) (can we please link to the POMC differentiator page here) visit and their post-op stay in our dedicated spine recovery unit.

Physical therapists work with each patient individually in their room.

Once a patient is discharged from the hospital, the Saint Thomas Outpatient Rehabilitation clinics are ready to pick up where the inpatient therapist left off. Outpatient clinics are conveniently located throughout the Middle Tennessee region and staffed by physical, occupational and speech therapists. Each center provides the staff and tools needed to ensure a full recovery from any spine surgery patient.

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