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Central Michigan Sports Rehabilitation

Sports rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary approach to treat injuries sustained through sports participation, so the athlete can regain normal pain-free mobility. The team may consist of physical therapists, athletic trainers and massage therapists. The goal is to return you to pre-injury activities, whether you are a professional, amateur or casual athlete. See below for two of our specific programs that have been helpful for patients.

Golf Strong is a medical program with physical therapists. It differs from, yet compliments, a golfer’s work with their golf professional to improve consistency and efficiency. No prescription is needed for the Golf Strong program. For more information, call 989-498-5102.

Golf Strong incorporates:

  • Video swing analysis
  • Personalized physical and biomechanical assessments performed by Titleist 
  • Performance Institute (TPI certified) physical therapists 

Our TPI-certified therapists find and treat weaknesses that may be affecting your golf game – such as flexibility, core strength, balance, hip rotation or torso-lower body separation. Our goal is to provide you with a corrective action plan – whether manual therapy or exercises – to help you optimize the "Body-Swing Connection” for more power and accuracy.

Golf Strong is appropriate for:

  • Golfers of any skill level who have pain or discomfort
  • Golfers of all skill levels who are looking to improve power, efficiency or accuracy
  • New golfers looking for a starting point to decrease potential for injury or bad habits

Our team consists of:

  • Brent Betzold, MSPT, MTC, TPI Level I Certified, SFMA Level 1 Certified
  • Melissa Czubaj, DPT, AT/ATC, MTC, TPI Level 1 Certified, SFMA Level 1 Certified
  • Brian Dezelah, PTA, SFMA trainer, avid golfer

Golf Strong Package 1

  • Comprehensive 90-minute evaluation and screening by Titleist Performance Institute- certified physical therapist
  • Biomechanical examination
  • Video capture and slow-motion analysis of golf swing
  • Individualized home exercise program with recommendations
  • Referral to local golf professional for equipment/swing changes as needed

Golf Strong Package 2

  • All components of Package #1 plus three 30-minute follow-up visits which may include manual therapy (joint mobilization, stretching, etc.) and exercise advancement as appropriate
  • A la Carte Services
  • Individualized treatment sessions after completion of one of the packages—$75/30-minute session
  • Follow-up video swing analysis—$150
  • Individualized program tailored to the patient’s specific needs, including working in conjunction with local golf professionals

The Golf Strong program staff and specialized facilities are located within the Ascension St. Mary's Hospital Spine Center, 4901 Towne Centre, Rd., Suite 300, in Saginaw.

Stride Strong incorporates a video gait analysis to prevent injuries, decrease pain and improve performance for runners and walkers.  Our goal is to keep you running or walking pain free, whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior or novice. 

Examinations are performed by a licensed physical therapist specifically trained in the evaluation and treatment of running athletes. This testing includes:

  • Complete lower body and trunk biomechanical evaluation, focusing on strength, flexibility, joint motion, balance and body awareness.
  • State-of-the-art video analysis to identify any biomechanical issues that can be corrected with an individualized home program, proper shoes and education. The video is analyzed using specialized software to break down each portion of your gait cycle from multiple angles. 

Stride Strong is appropriate for:

  • Any runner or walker with pain during or after their activity
  • Any runner or walker who would like to avoid injury or pain
  • Athletes looking to improve their performance or efficiency
  • Runners and walkers of any age from adolescence to seniors

Stride Strong is led by Brent Betzold MSPT, MTC, a physical therapist and runner with 14 years of experience. Brent has competed in a full range of races, from sprints to marathons, triathlons and full Ironman distances.

What Can You Expect?

  • A comprehensive 90-minute examination performed by a physical therapist with video gait analysis
  • A walk and/or run on a treadmill for 2-5 minutes while recording video from multiple angles
  • Bring your running or walking shoes and wear shorts that are not black
  • Avoid long, baggy shirts or shorts

Stride Strong Package 1

  • Functional movement testing and body awareness testing
  • Video gait analysis
  • Individualized instruction in running or walking mechanics, cadence, and posture
  • Footwear recommendations
  • Instructions for individualized home exercise program and altered running or walking mechanics

Stride Strong Package 2

  • Functional movement testing and body awareness testing
  • Video gait analysis
  • Individualized instruction in mechanics, cadence, and posture
  • Footwear recommendations
  • Instructions for individualized home exercise program and altered mechanics
  • Personalized electronic version of running video and still pictures from your video with written evaluation and explanation within 5 business days of your examination

Follow Up Visits
$75 each

  • Comparison of your initial video to the follow up video
  • Compare shoe options
  • Perform a reassessment of initial examination findings
  • Alter home exercises and running recommendations as appropriate

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