Specialty Care

Online Care

Ascension's online care services can give you expert, real-time specialist care if you can’t travel.

About Online Care

For many patients, traveling for specialty care, especially to other cities, can be challenging. Ascension’s online care program makes it easier to get the personalized care you need without traveling for in-person visits with a specialist.

Your primary care doctor starts by talking with you to determine if you need a specialist. Ascension’s local care team then finds the right expert for your needs, schedules a visit and shares your health history, X-rays and other test results before your first visit.

Real-time visits with your specialist take place in your local hospital or exam room with your doctor or clinician. A computer lets you see and talk live with your specialist, while advanced tools help make the physical exam as accurate as possible. These virtual meetings give your specialist a better understanding of your full health picture — and create the care plan that works best for you.