Michigan health programs for mothers and families

Ascension Southeast Michigan Community Health helps to provide physical and mental health programs for mothers, infants and families.

Maternal and infant health in Michigan

Call 313-369-5730 (infant mortality)    Call 313-369-5780 (open arms)

You and your family’s health is our priority. At Ascension Southeast Michigan Community Health, we help provide services that support your physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Our programs focus on prenatal care, infant safety and nutrition education for mothers and babies. We also provide families with mental health services, including grief and trauma counseling. Our care teams listen to understand your health concerns. Then, we connect you with the community resources that are right for you.

Infant Mortality program

In 1986, the Infant Mortality program was created in response to a rise in infant deaths in the Metro Detroit area. If you are an expectant mother and would like to enroll, contact our office or have your doctor, hospital or midwife make a referral. Our maternal and infant care teams include nurse specialists, social workers and nutritionists. We work together to ensure your child has a healthy beginning. Services may be provided virtually, in home or in office. Infant Mortality promotes prevention through health education. Program topics include:

  • Bonding with your child
  • Breastfeeding
  • Caring for your baby
  • Depression
  • Domestic violence
  • Food and nutrition
  • Healthy pregnancies
  • Safe sleep

Our care teams provide support services to supplement OB care and address psycho-social needs that may hinder your pregnancy and your child’s safety.

Other services include:

  • Jubilee Parenting - An 8-week education series that explores positive parenting skills and healthy lifestyles.
  • Maternal Infant Health - A registered nurse and social worker provide education and resources to support healthy pregnancy outcomes and reduce the risk of infant mortality.
  • Safe Sleep Education - A program that teaches you how to follow infant safe sleep recommendations. Our goal is to protect babies from suffocation or accidents during nightly sleep and naps.

To make a donation to the Infant Mortality program, please visit: Ascension St. John Providence Foundations.

Open Arms/Domestic Violence Support program

A crime victim service program that provides individual and family counseling, crime victim advocacy, peer support groups, personal protection orders and legal support for victims of crime and domestic violence. Other services include:

  • Completion of crime victim compensation forms
  • Court advocacy
  • Referrals for additional supportive services
  • School and family support groups
  • Trauma Response Team

Open Arms currently provides services in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. Adults and children are invited to participate in the program. Family and individual counseling is available at no charge to you.