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Postpartum Care

With options from nursing resources to care kits, Ascension provides a postpartum care plan designed to support you from the moment you give birth.

About Postpartum Care

Ascension's nurses and postpartum specialists are here to give you complete support after you give birth. With constant evaluations of your health and ongoing treatments, our postpartum care provides the right balance of continuous care, while still providing family centered care to enhance bonding.

We help monitor and support any changes such as mood swings, difficulties urinating, and getting steady on your feet. Along with pain management, including C-section scar management, we ensure that you get the rest and nutrition you need.

Before you leave the hospital, we give you helpful daily exercises and guidance for adapting to everyday activities. We also offer consultations with a lactation specialist to help you provide adequate nutrition for your baby.

At Ascension, our postpartum program offers many resources to help you provide the best care for your newborn — and for yourself.


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