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Water Birth Has Many Benefits for Mother and Baby

Ascension Mercy Hospital in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, offers water births to improve discomfort during labor.

Birthplace Offers Water Births

A water birth is a more natural type of birth and when assisted by a certified nurse midwife trained in this birthing technique, is safe and relaxing.

Mercy Medical Center offers both water birth (labor and delivery in water), as well as the option to spend a portion of labor in a tub but deliver traditionally. Learn more, talk to a Mercy Hospital BirthPlace certified nurse midwife.

In a water birth, the depth of the tub allows the water to cover the woman's abdomen and provide more comfort during labor and delivery. Depending on what position the mother is in at the final stages of delivery, she can reach down and bring her baby up to her chest. The bonding experience is immediate. A certified nurse midwife is with you during the entire birth experience. The baby then goes to the warmer and the mother changes, moves to the bed as the family unites.

Women who are having their first baby (with no apparent risk factors), or who have had a previous low-risk pregnancy, can do a water birth.

Advantages of a Water Birth

•    Decreases pain and tense muscles, especially between contractions  
•    In the tub you feel very relaxed
•    It’s a nice transition for the baby to go from the warm amniotic fluid inside mom to a warm water bath outside mom
•    Peaceful environment

Water birth also decreases adrenaline production, allowing for generally a shorter labor. There is less pressure on the abdomen allowing for better blood circulation and more oxygen to the mother and baby.

Our goal during every birth experience is to have the patient be happy and safe at the same time.

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