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At Ascension Wisconsin, our certified nurse-midwives provide individualized, compassionate, and evidence-based care to women and their families.

Ascension Wisconsin Midwifery Services

Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) are licensed healthcare professionals with expertise in providing care to women during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery period.

In addition to providing care during pregnancy and childbirth, certified nurse-midwives are also primary healthcare providers to women throughout their lifespan. This care includes, but is not limited to, gynecology, annual exams, and well-woman care.

Why a nurse-midwife?

We recommend certified nurse-midwives for a variety of healthcare reasons, including:

  • Personalized, holistic healthcare – Health focus is on emotional, mental and physical well-being
  • Care is woman and family-centered
  • Women have an increased sense of control and satisfaction
  • Significant focus on prenatal and birth education
  • Provide healthcare across the lifespan

Working with a certified nurse-midwife provides positive healthcare outcomes, including:

  • Lower rates of cesarean births
  • Lower use of epidural anesthesia (though epidurals are an option)
  • Lower rates of premature births
  • Higher rates of vaginal deliveries after a cesarean (VBAC)
  • Higher rates of breast-feeding

What do we offer?

A wide range of pain management options are available during labor, including epidurals. If you are healthy and have no risk factors, we often utilize and encourage movement in labor, including walking, frequent position changes, and the use of the following:

  • Birthing ball
  • Squat bar
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Water birth*

*Check your hospital location for availability.

Our Locations

Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Milwaukee at Prospect Medical Commons
Choose a midwife:
 •  Shauna Leinbach, CNM (Outpatient only)
Call to schedule an appointment: 414-319-3000

Ascension NE Wisconsin Hospital - Mercy Campus
Choose a midwife:
 •  Katie Brown, CNM
 •  Stefanie Hernet, CNM
 •  Kelly O'Connor, CNM
 •  Jennifer Taubel, CNM
 •  Deborah Zelhofer, CNM
Call to schedule an appointment: 920-223-0220

Ascension SE Wisconsin Hospital - St. Joseph Campus
Midwifery Clinic
Choose a midwife:
 •  Gretchen McCool, CNM
 •  Shannan Cantu Santoli, CNM
Call to schedule an appointment: 414-874-4700

Women's Outpatient Center
Choose a midwife:
 •  Kathryn Aispuro, MSN, CNM (Outpatient only)
 •  Ashley Elkins, MSN, CNM (Outpatient only)
 •  Allison McNeil, CNM (Outpatient only)
Call to schedule an appointment: 414-447-2275

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