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Nuclear Medicine

Ascension's nuclear medicine specialists use advanced radiation-based imaging technology to see your body clearly, so you can get the care you need.

About Nuclear Medicine

Sometimes a full picture of your health requires a precise look inside your body. To get that important perspective, Ascension's nuclear medicine specialists use radioactive substances to identify and sometimes treat a variety of diseases and conditions.

Nuclear medicine technology is a proven diagnostic tool without long-term side effects. You first ingest or are injected with radioactive isotopes. Using specialized cameras to detect these isotopes, our specialists can then identify issues in specific organs and throughout your body.

Depending on your condition, our experienced technologists can use a variety of scanning techniques to detect cancer, infections, blood clots or other conditions. Scans can be systemic, such as white blood scans, or they can isolate individual areas including your heart, spinal fluid or kidneys.

Along with technologies like X-rays and MRI scans, nuclear medicine can help us see the complete picture of your health, and give you the care you need.


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