Stroke Care

Comprehensive Stroke Center in Indiana

Ascension care teams provide high levels of stroke care in the region.

Certified Stroke Center at Ascension St. Vincent Hospital

Ascension St. Vincent Hospital has earned Advanced Certification for Comprehensive Stroke Center by The Joint Commission. With this certification, our stroke care team joins an elite group that is focused on specialized stroke care, leading to better outcomes for our patients at a time when they need it most.

The Ascension St. Vincent Hospital stroke care team has met rigorous standards for advanced imaging capabilities, 24/7 availability to stroke treatments and extensive staff education.

The Advanced Certification for Comprehensive Stroke Care shows our continued dedication and commitment to our patients. We provide compassionate care with some of the highest levels of expertise and technology to quickly and effectively address the needs of our stroke patients.

Outcomes Data

Ascension stroke care teams closely monitor and evaluate procedural outcomes to ensure the safest care for you and your loved ones. The data below summarizes the most current outcomes at Ascension St. Vincent Hospital.

Neurointerventional Lab Thrombectomy (NIL)

In many cases, patients presenting with an acute stroke are suffering from an intracranial large vessel occlusion. This medical emergency is caused by a blood clot obstructing flow to a major brain artery. This leads to an insufficient amount of blood supply to the brain. If untreated, the brain tissue may die, causing a stroke.

Average total case times for a Neurointerventional Lab Thrombectomy:

Average Total
Case Time
2018 91 minutes 
107 minutes

Aneurysm data: