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Epilepsy and Seizure Care

A caring partner for your epilepsy journey.

About Epilepsy and Seizure Care

If you — or your loved one or child — have had a seizure caused by epilepsy, you may be searching for answers and feeling uncertain. Ascension care teams can help.

Through skilled treatment and compassionate support, Ascension’s epilepsy and seizure specialists and care teams are here to give you the clarity and support you need.

Integrated teams focused on you

Our multidisciplinary teams of epilepsy specialists, nurse practitioners, radiologists and neuropsychologists will listen to get a full understanding of your symptoms and your medical history. We’ll also use blood tests and neurological exams to make a clear diagnosis.

More epilepsy care options for you

We can discuss medications and therapy options to help control and reduce future epileptic seizures. The causes of seizures could also be other triggers, such as infections. We’ll work with you to help find the treatment that is right for you.

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