Specialty Care

Long-Term Care

Ascension's long-term care facilities provide a comfortable, supportive transitional environment for your physical, mental and spiritual recovery.

About Long-Term Care

While everyone wants to return home in full health as soon as possible, sometimes extra time and support are needed. Ascension's long-term care facilities are ready to provide both.

During long-term care, you stay in a comfortable, home-like environment with private and semi-private rooms, as well as comforts that include a variety of dining options and self-select menus. Along with social and cultural activities, a variety of personalized spiritual care services can help support your full well-being.

We also offer an interdisciplinary team to work with you in identifying your needs and achieving your goals. From physical rehabilitation to spiritual care, our physicians, nurses and chaplains are available when you need them. Our teams work closely together to provide comprehensive and coordinated care throughout your stay.

Between hospital and home, Ascension is dedicated to your personalized, compassionate long-term care.


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