Specialty Care

Intensive Care

For life-threatening conditions and post-surgical recovery, Ascension's intensive care specialists provide expert, round-the-clock treatment and care.

About Intensive Care

For patients with severe illnesses or injuries, or those recovering from surgery, extra attention can make all the difference. Ascension's intensive care units (ICUs) offer advanced technological support, constant monitoring and personalized care from our highly trained staff.

Treatment in ICUs can include the use of special equipment such as ventilators, condition monitors, and dialysis machines. We offer advanced technology to make your experience as natural and comfortable as possible. Small touches that optimize comfort, like dimming lights and eliminating electronic sounds, help you rest and heal in a more peaceful environment.

A stay in the ICU can be emotionally challenging for both patients and family members. At Ascension, we are committed to meeting you and your family's needs.


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