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Regardless of your age, Ascension's colonoscopy specialists are here to guide you through an essential procedure for your digestive health.

About Colonoscopy

As the best method for detecting colorectal cancer, colonoscopies are essential for evaluating the health of your colon. Our goal at Ascension isn’t just to find colon cancer early, but to prevent it through regular screenings.

Your specialist team will start with a conversation with you about your upcoming procedure. We'll tell you what you should do to prepare and answer your questions. During your colonoscopy, you'll receive anesthesia before a colonoscope — a long, flexible tube containing a small camera — is inserted into your colon. Colonoscopies are normally performed every 10 years unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Beyond their important role in cancer screening, colonoscopies can also help specialists in other ways: follow-ups after cancer treatment, diagnosing chronic diarrhea or bleeding, and treatment of other gastrointestinal issues like polyps. Ascension's professionals are committed to guiding you through this important process and ensuring your comfort at every step. 


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