Foot Conditions

Receiving Foot Treatment and Standing Strong

Foot, ankle and toe pain is not normal. Talk to our Ascension Southeast Wisconsin foot and ankle specialists conveniently located at 12 locations.

Providing Podiatry Ankle Surgery in Southeast Wisconsin

Ascension foot and ankle clinics have highly skilled podiatrists and treat all ages from young children to teens and adults. Our personalized care and treatment options are designed to get you up and moving again. Did you know by age 50, you have logged nearly 75,000 miles on your feet? Look down and ask if your ill-fitting shoes are making your foot pain worse. We have healthy solutions that often work with even the most fashionable footwear.


The most common foot and ankle problems are significant sprained ankles, stabbing heel pain (plantar fasciitis), numb and tingling feet (neuralgia), arthritic pain on the top and middle of the foot, bunions, and hammer toes. Our highly experienced doctors have many convenient treatment options right in our clinic.

  • Wound healing foot care
  • Rehabilitation of ankle sprains
  • Injections for arthritic foot conditions
  • Reconstruction surgery due to an ankle, foot or toe trauma, fracture, or bone spurs
  • Ankle or toe joint replacement procedures
  • Cartilage implantation in the toe joint
  • Bunion and big toe pain treatments

Couple walkingOur feet are shock absorbers. One of the most conservative pain relievers is a well-fitting shoe insert that supports your body weight.

At the appointment, you can expect a thorough evaluation of your feet and lower legs, including how you walk (your gait) and the stress on your ankle joints. Are you prone to falling or spraining your ankles while playing sports, walking on uneven ground or at work? We can correct ankle instability and get you safely back in action.

To reduce the fall risk among seniors and others with brain health concerns, our podiatrists work closely with Ascension neurologists. Good foot care helps prevent serious injuries from falls and reduce stress on the back and knees.

Ankle Replacement Procedures Help Patients Walk Again

Our doctors are restoring joint mobility in the ankle or toes with joint replacements, cartilage implantation, and reconstruction surgery. Learn about this expertise and our surgical options.

Treating Hard to Heal Foot Wounds

Poor circulation contributes to foot ulcers and potential amputation. Diabetics are at higher risk for this complication. Our foot care team uses advanced wound healing techniques to restore better blood flow throughout the foot. These Ascension doctors are also foot surgeons and treat traumatic foot and lower leg injuries. Our care plan is always personalized for your needs, so it complements your total health and well-being.

We also provide consults and coordinated care with other specialists when weight-bearing foot pain is a concern:

  • Obesity-related stress fractures
  • Congenital foot deformity or developmental delays in walking
  • Occupation, work-related injuries
  • Sports injury to the ankle or feet

Physical Therapy and Orthopedics

We offer full-service and customized orthopedic treatments and physical therapy. Some footwear accessories are designed to reduce heal or foot pain. Other types of support, such as a foot and ankle brace, provide stability while you heal. Our therapists guide you through the best exercises to renew function and mobility. Our entire team takes a proactive approach to your care, so the healthcare aids and footwear recommendations support your daily needs at work or play.

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