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Work Injury Management

If you've experienced an on-the-job injury, Ascension's workplace rehabilitation programming and services can help you return to good health.

About Work Injury Management

At Ascension, our commitment to your health doesn't end after your initial treatment. Our employee rehabilitation programs offer extended services to increase your strength, get you back to work and prevent further problems.

After an injury, one of our occupational professionals will evaluate both your physical condition and work environment. This evaluation helps us customize a comprehensive back-to-work plan just for you. We create goals for future rehabilitation, including conditioning, strengthening and endurance. We also help you navigate your disability benefits and support your lifestyle with ongoing health and wellness programming. We can even conduct a survey of your job's physical demands and make recommendations for improvement.

Our team of work-injury specialists can design personalized treatment plans to get you back to work, improve your performance on the job, build your confidence and help you deal with work stressors.


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